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Jorgucat is the first locality we visit following the photos with Klodian. It is part of a territory called Dropull, composed of Greek minority communities on the border with Greece. During the communist regime, the authorities banned all religious activities and destroyed thousands of religious buildings. In some cases, the churches were dismantled and ‘stored’ in warehouses awaiting the time to rebuild them. Against all expectations, the Orthodox Church in Jorguçat seems not to have moved an inch in 80 years.

Jorguçat, 1942

My grandfather’s photo archive consists of amateur photos of informal daily life of the Italian army, photos of military exercises and gatherings, and several photos of civilians. Apart from the fascist propaganda images produced by the Istituto Luce, documents from the 40’s are actually rare. I am thinking for example of the collection of the Italian photographer G. Massani. In this photo my grandpa documents a wedding in Jorguçat. I do not know who the subjects are, but I hope that by disseminating these photos the story will emerge.

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